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Anonymous asked: A few lines of Xiuhan arguing bc Luhan wants to go back to Sehun's side :D


"Luhan, no please… Don’t go back to Sehun.. He’s too young for you" Xiumin took a few steps closer to the boy, but Luhan took a step back.

"Xiumin. How many times do I have to say this. No. I don’t want this with you. You’re not the right one for me.” He holds out his hand in front of Xiumin as he calmly expresses his feelings.

Slowly, Luhan turns away from the boy, about to walk out the door.

"Luhan, please.. I don’t want to lose you.." Xiumin plants his hand on the shoulder of the younger.

Luhan turns his head slightly, then kept his poker face on, bracing himself to say his last words to the older boy.

"I’m not yours to even begin with." 

With that, he left.


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someone help i just ate an entire watermelon and i just cut open a second one

update: i’m out of watermelon

make watermelon clothes

how does one not reblog this

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Made this in an exercise of ‘Actually start something and then finish it, God dammit’.

reblogging for the 15 people who followed me based solely on this

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porn always ends up on your dash

it doesn’t matter if you only follow disney blogs

you will get porn on your dash

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Anonymous asked: Easter Kink pleaseeeee


"I’m sorry little one, I’m out of easter eggs." The Easter bunny apologized to the little boy, who seemed to be much annoyed by the fact that he did not get any easter eggs for Easter Sunday, and his birthday.

Okay he wasn’t the easter bunny, it was his best friend, Sehun, who managed to get himself in a situation where as he dresses himself as a bunny for him as a birthday present.

"But it’s my birthday! And it’s easter! I want my easter eggs!" The boy, Luhan, stomped his foot on the floor. He glares at Sehun, "I’m getting my eggs myself!"

WIth that, Luhan pushes Sehun on the floor, and crawls up on his lap. With the little fingers, Luhan undresses Sehun’s bunny pants and grabs a hold of Sehuns balls—-eggs.

"Oh look, I got 2 eggs here! Where else are you hiding the eggs, Mr Bunny?" Luhan tilts his head childishly.

Sehun got the idea then leans on the wall, “Find them little Lulu. This’ll be a treasure hunting for you.”

Luhan’s grin grows wider, then sloppily roams his hands around the bunny costume. He pulls out Sehun’s erection from the prison of his bunny pants then takes it in him mouth.

Sucking hard, and hard, he squeezes Sehun’s balls. The sucking contained light bites from his teeth and swirling of the tongue; around the dick, and in-between the dickslit.

"Lu… If you suck harder, I’ll come.." Sehun mumbles under his breathe, but this didn’t stop Luhan. It only pushed Luhan to take it deeper.

Fighting his gagging reflex, Luhan took the whole dick in before taking it out and sucking on his balls equally. One of his hands stroked his dick, then the other laid on Sehun’s chest playing with his nipples, feeling it harden.

"Look, Hunnie, I found tiny eggs too!"

A chuckle was heard from Sehun before he came into Luhan’s mouth.

"I got milk too! SCORE!"

Easter kinks ohgod

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Your handy EXO-M pronunciation guide


It is 2014 and Xiumin is still being called “Shoemin” (and also anon asked for one) so here is a guide on how to pronounce the names of EXO-M members by a Chinese Person!!

Links through to individual audio posts, pronounced in Standard Chinese. Includes general pronunciation…

Lol Chen’s xD

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"The top doesn’t always have to bottom, but when the bottom asks, the top obliges."


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