"Small gestures can mean so much more than one grand display of love."
Even though I will always be just another fangirl in the sea of millions, I shall support you until the end. I'll also add you to my OTP list and make lots of gay fanfics about you. Cross my heart. Hope to die.
Typical Fangirl
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Sehun be like:

Loving Lu, is easy ‘cuz you’re beautiful.

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Anonymous said—

sehun and luhan having their biggest fight and no one wants to back down. eventually sehun leaves the house and luhan realizes how much he misses him while he was gone. he later gets a call at 3 in the morning to pick up a drunk sehun. (luhan taking care of sehun? happy ending)


"I’m not going to argue about this!" Sehun screams back, obviously irritated that the boy wouldn’t even listen to his part. Sehun’s had enough of just listening to Luhan’s nags. Especially not after a stressful day at work today.

He rolls his eyes at Luhan’s continuous nags and did the last thing he would do: walk out.

And so he does. He turns his heels and leaves. This leaves Luhan shocked, and hurt.

It’s been hours since Sehun’s left and Luhan’s getting worried. He misses the boy and he admits that it’s his fault. The whole fight was his fault. And if he did not push Sehun’s buttons in proving his side, Luhan would’ve been snuggled tightly unto the boy’s neck, tracing pretty flower patterns on the boy’s chest while he was asleep.

Luhan sighs for the nth time of the night. His head drooping down from time to time, he doesn’t notice himself fall asleep. Feeling like it was a split second, he wakes up with a familiar ringtone. He blinks to check the time. It’s been exactly 5 hours since he fell asleep. 

At 3am, Luhan finds himself driving Sehun back home.

He wasn’t mad though. More of, he was relieved.

By morning, Luhan finds himself cooking Sehun his famous hot-and-sour-soup. (“酸辣湯 (Suān làtāng)!” Luhan argues one time. He was trying to prove to Sehun that saying it Chinese is easier.)

He smiles at the memory.

He realizes that he’s always been trying to prove things that Sehun already understands. Sehun was not a kid. And he was more mature than Luhan. 

Sighing, Luhan takes the soup to their shared bedroom.

A smile creeps on Luhan’s face seeing Sehun’s mop of blonde hair under the covers. Funny thing was that Sehun’s top body was covered with the blanket, but not his lower body. Chuckling, Luhan peels the warm duvet from Sehun’s face and brushes the hair from his face.

He peppers his lover with soft kisses and mutters repeatedly Sehun-ah wake up.

Sehun groans then (out of habit) pulls the boy into his arms, jailing him into his embrace after sensing Luhan’s sweet kisses.

"Sehun-ah, I have your soup ready. Please wake up." Luhan pouts then leans in to kiss his chin.

"You’re so sweet, it’s like 10x the sweetness of your favourite cake." Sehun mutters as he slowly opens his eyes to see a whole lot of Luhan’s face.

The boy smiles then reaches up to kiss Sehun’s nose, “You know I’m always sweet when it comes to you, Sehun-ah.” He giggles then gets up, later starts feeding the latter, “I’m sorry about yesterday, Sehun-ah. I should’ve—”

"Well, it was kind of your fault I walked out—"


"But it’s okay, cuz I get to be kissed in the morning, and fed Suān làtāng by you.”


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Anonymous said—

Luhan feels that Sehun has grown up and don't need him anymore, so Luhan distanced himself and finding his destiny


Sehun’s obviously growing up. Unlike Luhan, who’s much older than he is, yet still has his baby face—just like Peter Pan. Sehun’s not like him. In years time, he won’t need him anymore. He’ll probably toss him out like he wasn’t much part of his life.

From the times that Luhan’s noticed, it’s like Sehun doesn’t even bother the older boy anymore, and mostly goes to boys his age—boys much younger than him.

It’s like he’s too old for the boy already.

So he decided to board the next plane to China, hoping to forget about the tossing, and find what he’s supposed to do in this life.

Taking a deep breath before taking the next step to the hallways of his permanent decision, he doesn’t turn back.

So he continues walking straight, never turn his head to look back. He’s scared that he’ll run back to the younger boy, scream at him, and hug him, then wait until as if nothing happened.

But that’s not the case. Luhan continues his steps, quickly making his way to the said plane.

Once he reaches his seat, he takes out his favourite book—the book given by his grandmother and reads it for the nth time.

A few seats before Luhan’s, there’s the familiar coat worn by that familiar tall blonde, secretly watching the older boy.

He grins to himself, thinking that the moment they land, he’d surprise the boy while saying, “I, Oh Sehun, am your destiny Luhan. Deal with it.”

Much cheesiness

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Sometimes in life, you come across these people you know you can’t trust.

—XB (via 50-shades-of-selu)

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